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Grain-free dog food: Honest Kitchen (Non GMO, no preservatives)

Healthy dog food made from real ingredients.
Human grade, and so much better than kibble.
Our dog loves it!

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This is the food we feed our dog every day. Originally, we were cooking healthy food with frozen chicken and mashing it up with veggies and rice, but that was very time consuming and messy.

This product allows you to give your dog the same health benefits of real food, with much less of the hassle, trips to the grocery store, and worries about spoilage.

Now we always get lots of comments about how good it makes our dog’s coat look. Also, people can’t believe it when we tell them how old Jack is.

We’ve switched between chicken and beef recipes and both are great. We’ve been able to change it up from time to time successfully without any issues.


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