Awesome Boston Terrier Gifts: Bags, Purses, and Wallets

So you love Boston Terriers, and cute things with Boston Terriers on them. There’s a lot of Boston Terrier Merchandise out there, but naturally, you only want the best stuff.

But searching through Amazon’s hundreds of Boston Terrier bags takes time and effort, and no one has time for that. So to save you time, here are the best, most highly reviewed Boston purses, backpacks, and wallets for your shopping needs.

And don’t you hate it when the thing you bought doesn’t look like it did online? Not to worry, we’ve included real photos from people who have shared these awesome bags, purses, and wallets on Instagram!

Bungalow 360 Boston Terrier Canvas Backpack

Want to see the backpack in person? Check it out on this stylish puppy model:

Bungalow 360 Boston Terrier Tote Bag / Grocery Bag

Bungalow 360 Boston Terrier Large Canvas Bag

Bungalow 360 Boston Terrier Wallet Purse

Another Boston Terrier models this large, stylish wallet

Bungalow 360 Boston Terrier Trifold Wallet

Marc Tetro Yellow Boston Terrier Cosmetic Bag

A Julie já está de olho na necessaire novinha que ganhei da minha sister! Amei!!! ❤️?

A photo posted by Personal Organizer (@empresahelp) on

Marc Tetro Boston Terrier Wallet (Light Blue)

Marc Tetro Boston Terrier Purse (crossbody, yellow)

Game of Thrones Dog Tags: Not just for Direwolves

dire wolf jon snow
Being into Game of Thrones and being a dog lover almost go hand-in-hand… and who doesn’t love both? In the very first episode of the show, each of the Stark children (which the series revolves around) each get an adorable Direwolf puppy, which grow to become fierce protectors of the kids they’re paired with — a display of the human-canine bond that all dog lovers can identify with.

What are direwolves?

If you’ve seen GoT, you know direwolves are very loyal and powerful animals that look very much like huskies when they are young and giant wolves when fully grown. And believe it or not, direwolves are based on an animal that actually lived tens of thousands of years ago, scientific name Canis dirus.

Dire wolves lived in the Americas and were on average twice as large as the gray wolf, much like in the show. There’s no concrete evidence that the real dire wolves were ever tamed, but in Game of Thrones they stick with their masters til the end, protecting them from rivals, assassins, and jerk princes. Sounds pretty awesome, right? But you can’t actually get your hands a real direwolf like the ones in in Game of Thrones (the species went extinct long ago), but you can have the next best thing, no matter what kind of dog you have.

Game of Thrones-themed dog tags

The perfect Game of Thrones gift for fan of the show, each tag can be customized with your dog’s name and your contact info… simply fill in your information in the custom “gift message” field when you order on Amazon.

House Stark custom personalized dog tag

House Stark Direwolf emblem dog tag (personalize on the back)

Game of Thrones dog collar

Not a fan of your direwolf jingling like a reindeer in December? If dog tags aren’t your thing, you can also get a customizable dog collar to show your love for House Stark. And even if you don’t have a dog at all, but like the idea of having a direwolf, this adorable plush will have you feeling like Jon Snow.

House Stark personalized dog collar

Jon Snow’s Direwolf – Baby Ghost plush

House Targaryen Dog Tags

More of a fan of Daenerys and house Targaryen? Dog or cat owners with a more active imagination can pretend that their furry friends are fearsome dragons with these customizable dog tags that would make Dani proud.

House Targaryen custom personalized dog tag

House Targaryen dragon dog tag (personalize on the back)

The next time you need a gift for your friend who’s obsessed with GoT and puppies, any of these would make a present, whether they are team Dani, or team Stark, whether that means Sansa, Jon Snow, or team Arya.

Funny dog pictures: When #squadgoals meet puppy photos

As any member of an entourage knows, life is better when you experience life with a buddy a whole posse of your closest friends. With a crew who’s got your back, you feel like you can conquer the world. And when you all walk into a room together, you can’t help but turn heads and become the center of attention.

With that in mind, check out these funny dog pictures that show us the true meaning of friendship and belonging. These pooches set the bar for #squadgoals we can all aspire to. We should all be so lucky to have (cute and furry) friends like these.

Enjoy these group dog pics and thinking about hugging all these cute puppies!

1. Pug life

With looks like these, it’s no wonder that people are obsessed with pugs.

2. These dogs roll deep

Gangs all here ? #dogsquad #squadsaturdaze cred: @tebogo_

A photo posted by #BELLBOY (@bellboyapparel) on

If you’ve got a problem with one of them, you’ve got a problem with all of them.

3. What are you looking at?

Sitting on a doorstep looking mean by yourself = kind of weird. Doing with a squad = too cool.

4. Me and my posse, hanging by the pool

What better way to attract attention than with a bunch of cute Boston Terrier friends?

5. When hanging with your pals, things are always looking up

When it comes to pugs (or cute pug stuff), the more the merrier!

6. There’s only one downside to having so many friends

Someone’s always blinking or yawning in the group photos!

7. Matching outfit #squadgoals

With a squad, you can always dress up like a boy band / girl group.

8. With lots of friends, someone always remembers your birthday

You got your picture. Now gifts!

A photo posted by Barkhaus (@barkhaus) on

And you can be the life of the party

9. Friends are your best co-conspirators

'Bout them apples? @williamwegman

A photo posted by Barkhaus (@barkhaus) on

Why scheme on your own when you don’t have to?

10. Road trips are always better with friends

Where are we watching the game?

A photo posted by Barkhaus (@barkhaus) on

Until you have to make bathroom stops every other exit

11. The cool kids of the school

You have your jocks and your nerds… this clique is known as the “cute ones”

12. Friends can take care of you in your time of need


A photo posted by Barkhaus (@barkhaus) on

Supportive friends give you that extra push forward in life

13. With a squad, you’ll always have friends to take a selfie with


A photo posted by Barkhaus (@barkhaus) on

But the more friends you have, the harder it is to fit everyone in

Do something for your squad

Friends love it when you show you care, whether they’ve got four legs or two.

Check out these great gifts for dogs and their owners and show your buddies that you care.

Pug Gifts: Gifts for Dog Lovers

Pug presents for pet people!

Pug clothes

colorful pug socks

Pugs not drugs shirt

Pug Life Tshirt

Pug sweater

Pug stuff

Square Pug Mug

Pug on a Mug

Double 3D pug mug for tea

Pug yoga mug

Pug books

Pug book: Pugs in a Bug

Puddle Pug book

Pug Therapy

Chick n’ Pug

Pug Hugs

Pug Toys

Pug plush

Chubby Puppy Waddling Pug with bacon

Solar-powered waving pug

Pug Art

Pug brewing company poster

Pugs in a Canoe poster

Pug Flower Company poster

Pug metal wall art

Pug Accessories

Pug pillow

Lovely Hug Pug

Betsey Johnson Pug Bag

Pug Messenger Bag

Pug dog lunchbox

Smiling pug dog lunchbox